About The Trust

To Provide Higher Education to Rural Youth of Samba and to inculcate in them life skills so as to transform them into socially efficient individual a Trust in the memory of Smt. Rattana Devi and Sh. Gopal Dass mother& father of present Chairman of the Trust was formed in 2001. Under this Trust Degree College was established at Samba in year 2001 as Sh. Parkash Sharma, then the M.L.A of Samba had made the commitment to the people to get Degree College at Samba, but the State

Govt. did not accede the demand as Degree Colleges were only at a District Level. Late. Sh. Rajesh Pilot, Union Minister at that time had also announced in the public meeting to provide the Degree College at Samba with the formation of some Trust. State Govt. again did not agree as there was no policy of privatization of Higher Education at that time. People of Samba and surrounding area had been demanding for opening of the college at Samba right from 1952. In 1983 Wazir commission recommended a separate district for Samba, but the recommendation were not implemented and the demand of the people of Samba remains hanging in balance. Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir allowed Privatization of Higher Education in 2001. Mr. Sharma formed a Trust with mission to open a first private Degree College at Samba to fulfill the requirement of the people of Samba and its adjoining areas, which includes:-,
1. Some part of Kathua & Udhampur district.
2. People of Border area of Ramgarh.
3. Hilly area of Majalta Mansar.
4. Kandi area of Mandi Thalora,Sangwali, Kelhi, Garh, Kheri, Pakki Mandi etc.

This college gave a ray of hope of getting Higher Education for the people of far-flung areas. Bhargava Degree College was the only college between Kathua& Jammu that provided education to the students specially to the female as:

1. Transport facilities were not adequate at that time
2. People didn't prefer to send their daughters to a far place for Higher Education.
3. Access to Higher Education was a distant dream for the students of Samba.